Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kagaya Art

Mathematicians were thought to be one of the branches in art during the Greek civilization (information gained from bro Supian). This is because Mathematics' language is in numbers, which is said to be similar to musicians, in which their language are music notes. This is why I assume that part of myself know how to cherish and connect to some form of art or another.

And one such art is by a Japanese digital artist: Kagaya Yutaka.

Since childhood, Kagaya has always been fascinated by the starry sky and astronomy. Years passed. He then graduated from the Graphic Design Department at Tokyo Designer Gakuin College and soon pours all his passion about the starry sky and astronomy in the form of digital art.

Kagaya's art focuses on 5 themes: Starry Tales, Celestial Exploring, The Celestial Railroad, Space and Tranquil Night of Stars. And my favourite one is Tranquil Night of Stars. This theme was inspired by the beauty of the seasons in Japan. And somehow to me, this theme describes me so so much. Below is one of his art:

                                                                 Stars Over Snow

Why don't you try and view his works of art? Here's the original kagaya website: Kagaya Arts. Try and view it. Who knows, you might just be astounded by his art. And he even has a blog. But it's in Japanese. Nevertheless, I'll just paste it here. Kagaya's blog

Kagaya has followed his dream through and through. And maybe one day, I could just fulfill mine too. InsyALLAH..