Monday, February 3, 2014

My Writing Conflicts

Assalamualaikum and greetings dear BITS and PIECES readers,

I am proud to announce that I've started writing my second book which is a sequel to my previous book, The Last Will. As of now, I plan for it to be a trilogy but only ALLAH knows how many sequels will there be. I've always feel like myself each time I write a historical fiction genre so naturally, this second book will be the same too.

In my mind, it's already clear who some of the characters represent in my real life and others whom I need to do a personality research on. Wait, let me write them down before I forget. Okay done. But I haven't made up my mind yet on how many characters will there be in my novel. On the other hand, the flow of the story is already captured in my notebook with few unorganized scenes. Also Chapter 1 is working great while Chapters 2 and 3 not so much. I have also come out with the ending but I haven't put it down in writing. Let me scribble in my notebook for awhile... Okay done!

I am obliged to say that this second book was mainly encouraged by the comments, posts and links from the Writing community on Google+. I've learned many writing skills from them and most importantly, I gained the support that only fellow writers can provide. I met a few people that have almost the same personality as me. I know now that I'm not the only person who has a wacky brain. And every time I read for posts in the community and share mine, I feel like I'm in a wonderful support group. After suffering from confidence and motivation deficiency for months, I was able to gather back the bits and pieces of my bravery that I forgotten I had and started writing again.

But it will not be long before I continue my PhD. A few months more and a large chunk of my focus will be eaten up by my classes and thesis. So I want to enjoy and get the most out of these few months and that equals to writing and reading.

But I can't be doing just that. I need to do house chores, cook, get out sometimes and many other stuff (I want to add "that normal people do" but I know I'm not normal). So I try to work out a schedule.

But guess what? It is always when I'm in the middle of doing something else (which I really should be doing according to my schedule) that I suddenly got the right words to put in my novel, the perfect scene pictured in my head, the exact feelings that my characters would have and the eagerness to write.


"This can't go on," I told myself.

I started thinking and two solutions came to me. First is the most common one; always bring a pen and a notebook wherever you go, even to the toilet. The alternative is to bring your android phone so that you can either type or record your voice of ideas. As for me, I am more keen with the android phone solution because I always bring them everywhere and if ever the fear of ideas-slipping-away occur, I can quickly grab my phone and record these precious ideas as soon as they popped in my head; as long as I don't accidentally drop my phone in the toilet bowl, that is.

But then again (Oh my there are too many "but"s in my post and in my writing life!), when I finally get to sit in front of my laptop, I can't really truly capture the same 'writing eagerness' that I had before.

ARGHH!!! This frustrates me a lot. But alhamdulillah (again another "but" though this time it is a positive "but"), I got it figured out. I noticed that my writing takes its perfect shape in the morning. Thus, I reschedule my schedule to get the most out of my mornings. This means that I will write arduously in the morning and other work will need go after.

Now what about you? What writing conflicts have you been experiencing?