Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bits and Pieces Makeover

Assalamualaikum and greetings dear Bits and Pieces readers!

I'm a writer, a novice writer to be precise so I'm trying to build followers, especially loyal readers of this blog and my book.

So what I did was:

1. I read blog posts on blogging tips
Among the number of posts that I've read about blogging tips, I found Anne R. Allen's to be the most practical and concise.

2. I examine other successful writers' blog
Among others, I am a subscriber of Jenn Flynn-Shon's, Deborah Chester's and K.M Weiland's blog. Each of them writes about different topic. For instance, I learned self publishing from Jenn, developing conflicts from Deb Chester and crafting characters from K.M. Weiland. Meaning to say, each and everyone of them have their own niche. Also, their blogs are presented in different ways too.

3. I gather those tips and examinations that I had perform
The average internet user only scans the internet content and rarely read word by word. So Anne said that numbered list can help. She also advises bloggers to make their blog content simple and use keywords in the header. She did not only mention these, there are other tips too.
In terms of successful writers' blog, I like K.M Weiland's choice of using big fonts, Jenn's simple and organized blog and the title of Deb's blog. What I noticed most was that the three of them made sure that their names are the first one that viewers see when viewers visit their blog.

4. I undertake layout and format changes of my blog
This is the final and the most arduous step to take. Firstly, I need to remind myself again on why I write. I write because I want to inspire others, motivate my readers to embark on a spiritual journey and after a little over a decade, make writing novels a full time job. Secondly, I need to determine what this blog is about. So, when previous posts doesn't coincide with the purpose and the identity of this blog, I deleted them or reverted them into drafts. Lastly, based on these decisions, I identify those tips and examinations that are in harmony with the purpose and identity of my blog. And the result is what you see now!

5. I bear in my mind that blogging is always a learning process.
As I engage more in blogging, come across other blogs and blogging tips, and as I discover myself more, I might make changes again. So, blogging is definitely a learning process.

Now tell me, do you like the new Bits and Pieces appearance? Do you have other suggestions that can further improve my blog? And do tell me about your blog makeover!