Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Free Upcoming Novelette: Tackling the First Draft

Assalamualaikum and greetings dear Bits and Pieces readers,

I had accepted my naive past thus achieving my first milestone. Now, I am proud to announce that I had overcome the second milestone:

The first draft of my free upcoming novelette, Letters to God is done! 

To be honest, it was quite a challenge for me to complete it; what with my studies, motivation swings, and the laziness in between. Still, I prayed for effort and reminded myself why I wrote it in the first place. In the end, I was able to cajole my hands to finish writing the story.

However joyous I may be, several milestones have yet pass. The destination is still far. And to get to the third milestone, I need to tackle a few hurdles on the road.

1) Self Edit
Ali Luke says that it is very important to self edit and I believe so too. Self edit allows me to rewrite, edit, and proofread my work so that it comes close to perfection. I want to make sure that what I write is of quality and conveys what I intend to write clearly. In order to become a successful author, I also want readers to be moved by my writing.    

2) Asking for beta readers to read my work
Next, I intend to ask my beta readers to read the novelette. I strongly believe that this is a MUST step; other authors would agree with me as well. I especially want beta readers to identify any illogical story flow, confusing characters' personality, and other aspects that disappoint them as readers. Based on their comments and critics, I will again repair the story. 

3) Send out for professional editing
This will be a bit of a pinch because it could be more than what I can afford. Besides, this novelette will be free hence there will be absolutely no profit; not in terms of money. Still I understand, a professional editor can bring my work to the next level.  

4) Cover design
This is the most exciting hurdle! One at which I've already tackled and will soon be releasing, actually. But just like the story, the cover design is a first draft. Designed by my husband, I intend to share it online to gather comments and see if I should improve the design further. I will talk about this more in other post. 

All in all, I need months to take up these hurdles. I also need courage, confidence, effort, and patience. Please pray for my success.