Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Free Upcoming Novelette: Front Cover of Letters to God

Assalamualaikum and greetings dear avid Bits and Pieces readers,

It's amazing how two months has passed since I updated my blog. And we're in 2016 already! I was under heaps of study and mountains of pressure that when I emerged out of them, I was knocked back down again out of shock. As I was slowly recovering and emerging, I managed to go through the first draft of Letters to God; albeit half way. Now that I've fully surfaced and alert, I hope I can get it done this month (please say ameen).

There is however one aspect of the book that I managed to get done (well it was my husband who did most of the work) out of God's mercy. The front cover of Letters to God has been completed!

My husband was learning Adobe Photoshop and so I enlisted his help to design the front cover. I first told him a general idea that I had in mind. The design I pictured is an ancient mailbox perched on a mysterious snowy area somewhere. Since the main character writes letters of complaint to God, I thought the ancient mailbox would symbolize the perfect place to drop those letters. I also chosen a snowy backdrop because I see snow as pure and mysterious, a place where God could live.

So we sat together in front of his computer and flick through picture by picture at Creative Commons. My husband had also done an independent research of book covers and found that white and black are very common backdrop themes. I thought for a bit and decided to give up the snow setting because I want my front cover to be unique.

By then, we had several selection of mailbox pictures but no design ideas. Disheartened, I shifted my focus to study instead while my husband continued. After a few days of creative drainage, my husband sat still on his chair, his right hand in a frenzy, eyes fixed at his computer. Hours after, he showed me his design.

I looked at it in awe. I love it! Except for one thing. The word "Letters" in "Letters to God" is the same color as the mailbox whereas "to God" are in white. I asked him and my husband showed a few book covers that others had done online. Almost all of them used different colors for their title too. After much thought, I asked him to change "Letters" into white. I don't know, I just think it looks much better. Thus behold, the front cover of my free upcoming novelette!!!


What do you think? Does it look good? Do you think it needs improvement? In what way? Please, do tell me in the comments.