Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yakjuj & Makjuj by Muhammad Alexander

I bought this book earlier this year and only manage to finish it today. So not me.
Muhammad Alexander brings to you an in depth analysis on Yakjuj & Makjuj, a race that will come out and rage over humankind just before the Day of Judgement. Who are they actually? An alien race? Jinns..Satan? Or just mere human beings?

However I was quite disappointed because I thought Muhammad Alexander had found out the location of where Zulkarnain had forge the wall to keep the Yakjuj & Makjuj out. I guess it's one of ALLAH's secrets. Plus there are questions that I need answers about.
But please don't misunderstand me, Muhammad Alexander's work is extraordinary, I deeply appreciate his effort. Therefore my rating is: 4/5. I did not give full because I think Alexander needs to organize the content more efficiently so that the readers can understand more easily and there are also some minor spelling. For example, is it suppose to be Nineveh or Niveneh?