Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Rose Labyrinth by Titania Hardie

This is the first book from the Australian author, Titania Hardie.

The story is tied between history, legend, literature and love. Will Stafford had started out a search that is related to his family's legacy after his mother's death. On the way back home to his village, he met with an accident while riding his Ducati. However his brother, Alex Stafford is convinced that it was no accident.
Meanwhile in London, Lucy King, a patient of Alex is slowly beginning to fall in love with her doctor. Soon Alex and Lucy will find out that their love is related to his family legacy. Lucy had also picked up what Will had left and continued to decipher the riddle that Will had tried to solve. This endeavor had led her, Alex and their companions in grave danger as their adversaries were looking for it too, in order to fulfill their absurd religious purpose.
This book is packed with legends and histories of the Greeks, cathedrals, literature and many others. To those who favor the arts, and in love with deciphering riddles, this is an extremely good book. As for me personally, this book is closely related to what is happening nowadays and how close it is to reality though being obscured by some figures of interest. Therefore to me,this novel has a uniqueness about it. My rating: 3.7/5
Here's The Rose Labyrinth website, where you can see the riddles that Titania Hardie had put up. Maybe you can solve it :)