Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Culture and Religion

Assalamualaikum and greetings dear Bits and Pieces readers!

Acts of crime can be found everywhere now. Rape, killing, robbery, abduction and many other hideous crimes are not alien anymore. Even in my country Malaysia, shootings and gang members are becoming common; not forgetting the social ills that we are experiencing now: adultery, alcohol intake, drugs,women getting pregnant before marrying, abortion and many others.

I come from the East side of the world. Our culture are supposed to be shy, gentle, having good manners and respectful to the elderly. I remembered watching a documentary on TV where an elderly taxi driver from Japan said, "It is very rare to find a boy and a girl sitting so closely together in my days". These attributes of the Eastern culture are becoming uncommon now. Instead, the influx of Western culture are causing the true Eastern culture to dissolve slowly. Bear in mind that not all of the Western culture are bad. It's just that the Eastern citizens prone to take the negative attributes of the Western culture. By the way, I hope you understand that when I said Western culture, I did not mean Christianity or Judaism.

Speaking about Christianity, I would like to say something about religion as a whole. Because when I come to think of it, all religion abhor these acts of crime and social ills. For example, adultery is prohibited in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. come crimes and social ills are becoming common?

I then remembered something that Harun Yahya had posted on his Facebook page:

And suddenly a light bulb lit up in my brain: Godlessness! The answer is Godlessness!

When a person doesn't believe in God, he or she won't believe that their actions have consequences. He or she won't have principals and will easily follow what is normal without pausing to think whether it is right or wrong. I know that to believe that humans are without faults is naive. But to justify that crimes and social ills are common because humans are imperfect; is pure ignorance.

At least when a person believes in God, he or she will think millions of time whether what he/she is doing is right or wrong. At least a person will strive to become better. At least, when a person sees another person doing something wrong, he/she will give advice or try to stop him/her.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. -Edmund Burke 

Thus, believe in God. Seek for the ultimate Truth. Beware of the trap of Godlessness.