Thursday, March 20, 2014

How Your Emotions Can be of Use in Writing

Assalamualaikum and greetings dear readers :)

Malaysia had been experiencing hot weather and drought for almost a month. And it was only earlier this week that the rain had started falling. Mundane activities like covering oneself with a blanket, bathing with the water heater switched on and drying clothes for at least two days have becoming blessings these days.

This evening was especially magical. From the drizzling rain and evening light, a beautiful scene and a calming atmosphere had emerged. Excited, I carried one of my cats, Captain Hook, to accompany me to the garden to admire God's painting. Unconsciously, my fingers started typing on my phone:

The drizzling rain is very soothing when it falls down during an evening like this. The sound that the rain makes as it drops, the fresh smell that it brings, and the yellow remnants of sunlight shining at the flower pots... These combinations are simply beautiful.

Then a thought suddenly strikes me. I should record exactly how I feel each time I'm immersed in a powerful emotion; whether it be sad, angry, happy, peaceful, confused etc. These records, after some polishing, are highly useful to enhance my characters' personality; making them more lucid to my readers.

You see, a writer will write better when she knows exactly how her character feels like. For instance, I'm writing about an angry character and I have to express it in such a way that it is genuine. So, those words that I recorded when I was genuinely angry before, can be put to use as the character's monologue. Neat don't you think?

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