Friday, June 5, 2015

Death: How to Live Like We're Dying

Assalamualaikum and greetings dear Bits and Pieces readers,

My mother lost her cousin last week.

My friend lost her fiancee the day after. And she was supposed to get married in 3 days.

Both tragic events I came to know about the moment I woke up in the morning. That's two days straight God reminded me that we are all going to die.

One Hadith (tradition of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh) kept nagging at the back of my head since then. But I'm not sure which one. After some research, I finally found it:

Abu Hurairah narrated that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said:
"Increase in remembrance of the severer of pleasures." Meaning death. (At-Tirmidhi, no.2307)

How exactly can we remind ourselves of death when it's a lethargic thought? But is it lethargic in the first place? Before we decide, let's listen to this song first:

My decision is no! And my answer to the previous question is we should live like we're dying!

1. Only buy what we need
Each time we're purchasing an item, ask ourself if we really need it. Whether it be our fifth handbag or the latest iPhone model, say to ourself, "It's not like I can bring this to my grave" or "Life's short. Better spend my money on something more meaningful".

2. What do we cherish in life?
Make a list on who or what is important to us. Put pictures of them on our working table. It might be our parents, wife/husband, children, pet, vintage camera, etc. Then we come to realise that one of the reasons we cherish them is because they won't be with us forever. That WE won't be with them forever.

3. Draw our life's roadmap
Think deeply of what we want to accomplish in life, our passion, and what we can contribute to society. Then translate it on a piece of paper. For instance, graduating at 23, travel around the world at 25, get married at 30, published several books by 40, etc. Soon enough we'll see that the road ends at death.

4. Live simply
In my personal experience, to gain focus in life is to declutter my thoughts and surroundings. Throw way negative thoughts, donate what we don't need, and break up with extravagance. This will leave us with additional space to ponder on a worthy life. A life that is lived like we're dying! 

p/s: Very sorry for not posting anything last week :-(