Friday, May 22, 2015

My Free Upcoming Novelette: How I Defeated Writer's Block

Assalamualaikum and greetings dear Bits and Pieces readers.

My upcoming free novelette, Letters to God was a sudden burst of inspiration from God himself. Just like an artist, my fingers wouldn't stop dancing on the keyboards. Intermittently, I searched for names that best describe my characters and their personality, facts of life that will make my story more realistic, the perfect setup for my scenes, and writing skills that will satisfy my readers. I could see my career as an author shining brightly like the sun.

But suddenly, the sun was taken hostage by the dark sky. Thunderstorms then came to punish it. All my ideas for the middle of my story were dull. When I wrote those ideas down, the story sagged. My writing enthusiasm all gone.

At least I knew my diagnosis. I was suffering from writer's block.    

Unwillingly, I retreated. Procrastination may have won but I haven't lost my story. I backed away from my laptop, closed my eyes and emptied my mind. After some time, God made me remember an advice from my Corporate Finance lecturer. He said that whenever you don't understand something, you go back to the basics. So I went back to the structure of my story. And that's when I realised that I didn't have one.

Thus I summoned my notebook and visited K.M Weiland's The Secrets of Story Structure. Following K.M. Weiland's advice, I break my stories into three sections; first act, second act, and third act. Writing all of it down, I came to see that my first act is 70% completed, my second act is 40% done while my third act is 60% finished. I now understand that I already did the hook of my story, the first plot point, the inciting event and key event, the midpoint, the climax, and the resolution. All I need to do now is to focus on other aspects.

The thunderstorms release the sun. Although the dark sky is still here, the moon and the stars are too.