Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Free Upcoming Novelette: The Main Characters in Letters to God (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum and greetings dear Bits and Pieces readers,

In today's post, I would like to introduce you the main characters in my upcoming free novelette, Letters to God.

I've given a lot of thought on how many characters that my novelette should have; more so their personalities. To make them more profound, I try my best to pick out names that match their personalities. Although most of my potential readers probably wouldn't care what the names meant, I feel a sense of satisfaction in picking them.

As can be seen in the picture below, the main characters come from two groups of families, one is a Malay family and the other is an Indian family. And yes, there's a non-human there too! So Wafi, Sarah, Rahman, Rahmah, Rahim, Neko, Manidhar, Devi, and Aasha, meet Bits and Pieces readers. Bits and Pieces readers, meet Wafi, Sarah, Rahman, Rahmah, Rahim, Neko, Manidhar, Devi, and Aasha. I hope you, Bits and Pieces readers, will find them fascinating! Just like they find you :)        


Sarah is the lead character. She is a beautiful, fashionable, and successful Muslim woman. She owns a successful bakery cafe that has chains throughout Peninsular Malaysia. These pointers of hers also make her stubborn, refusing to heed to his husband's advice at times. This closed mind of hers causes her to be naive.

This novelette is about a woman who has been inflicted with many tragedies in her life. Just like my childhood neighbour Sarah. She's a Filipino who married a Pakistani and converted to Islam. I remember she'd asked me and another neighbour to teach her how to pray. During Ramadhan, the fasting month for Muslims, she'd give my family pancakes for break fast. She have two daughters. She was happy leaving in our neighbourhood. But a tragic incident occurred. Her husband was beaten to death by a group of unknown men on his way back from work. Then my father said she went and lived with her in-laws in Pakistan. After awhile, she came back to our residential area for a short visit. I can't entirely remember what happen back then. What I can remember is she was clad in white and she was hugging me and crying. It is as though her life has been miserable in Pakistan.


Wafi is Sarah's husband. He is a loving father towards his son, Rahman. Although Sarah doesn't respect his opinion and is stubborn most of the time, he remains loving, patient, and loyal to her. However, he is that type of person who forgives and never forgets. He's the type who bottles up all his emotions inside.

Wafi is in Arabic and its meaning is loyal; a characteristic that Sarah's husband possess. I wanted to put Sabur, meaning patience but I never heard a Malay man named after that.
On a side note, it is normal in Malaysia and the rest of the Muslim countries to have Arabic names. This is because Islam was revealed in the Arabic language.


Rahman is the son of Sarah and Wafi. He's loved unconditionally by his parents. He's energetic, playful, and talkative. But due to the death of his father later in the story, he becomes cold and distant towards Sarah ever since. Rahman blames his mother for the death of his father. As a result of this tragedy, he's incapable of showing love even when he becomes an adult.

The name Rahman is an Arabic term meaning mercy and compassion.


The adult Rahman is married to Rahmah. To Rahman, she is the most loving and caring human being. She understands Rahman the most.

The term Rahmah has a similar meaning to Rahman.


The only son of Rahman and Rahmah is a rebellious teenager. He appears tough on the outside but inside, he inherits Rahmah's sensitivity.

The term Rahim also has a similar meaning to Rahman.

The reason I pick the name Rahman, Rahmah, and Rahim is because the meaning of these names closely relate to love. Since Rahman is distant from his mother, Sarah, and his father had long ago died, he is in desperate need of love. So there comes Rahmah whose name incidentally meant compassion.
In an effort to show his love, Rahman also name their son Rahim. On top of that, Rahman dreams of a family that is full of love. The kind that he momentarily had when his father was alive.

I think we should continue the rest of the introductions in my next post. Or the one after next. Until take care!