Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why God Makes Sense

Assalamualaikum and greetings dear Bits and Pieces readers,

The world has suffered from countless issues, tragedies, and disagreements; the World Wars, genocides, natural disasters all over the world, poverty in the Third World countries, the thinning of ice, unsustainable deforestation, and animal extinction to name a few. Alongside these is the disbelief in God, at which I feel equally catastrophic.

Atheism or the disbelief in God has topped most religion. Daily Mail Reporter (2012) claims that atheism is the third largest 'faith' after Christianity and Islam. As a result, large chunks of morale and ethics originated from religion are deemed ridiculous nowadays. For instance, there's nothing wrong with sex out marriage, homosexual is now the new normal, skimpy clothes is just the latest fashion, and yelling at parents is only a teenage phase. These examples also show that the world is focusing more on physical growth, almost abandoning spiritual and mental growth.

However, those consequences do not serve as strong arguments in proving the existence of God. In fact, the consequences are almost far fetched. Hence I choose to argue in a much more intimate way. A way at which everyone can feel, see, hear, and think about. A way that pleads to the common sense of the masses. 

1. The Boundless Universe

How did the extremely hot dense point (the Big Bang theory) came to existence in the first place? Where did the atoms forming the sun came from? Where did the sub atoms came from? How can it be that the sun was accidentally came to be to accidentally provide not one, but numerous vital functions in not only ours, but the animals and the plants' daily lives?

It doesn't make sense at all that this boundless universe was created by chance. The only logical explanation is that someone or something has created it. And he did not only created it, he is also managing this universe.

2. Our Origin

We can come up with many half baked answers. Scientists say we evolved from apes. Others say we came from the mother's womb. The religious claims that we are descendants of Adam. The philosophers brings in the question of the chicken and the egg. Whatever our answers may be, we can't help but think; where did the apes came from in the first place? How come the penetration of sperm into ovum brings about new life? Who created Adam in the first place? Who created the egg and the chicken in the first place? And you come to the most logical conclusion: God.

3. Hope and Calmness in the Midst of Nature

Nobody can deny that nature has a subtle if not powerful effect to our mood. The majestic view of the sun rising gives us a renewed sense of hope. The sound of river flowing and the sea waves as it hit the rocks are music to the ears. The green trees sooth our eyes and provide cooling shades.

It is difficult to explain why nature has these effects on us. More so to deny the fact that there must be a supreme being who designed all of these, with its beauty and spiritual effect. 

4. The Complexity of Creations

How is it that we look so different? How is it that we never have the same exact personalities? How is it we come to have different moods and emotions? When it come to taste, how come each fruit has a distinct taste? How come there are different species of animals?

Even for artists and cartoonists, it is impossible to create the same amount of characters like the world has. It is impossible to draw fictitious animals without drawing inspiration from real life animals. This narrows down to an answer that makes sense the most: God.   

We've come to the end of this post. It is my hope that you do not disregard your common sense. Until next week, do take care!