Friday, June 26, 2015

My Free Upcoming Novelette: The Main Characters in Letters to God (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum and greetings dear Bits and Pieces readers,

I have introduced Sarah, Wafi, Rahman, Rahmah and Rahim. So today, I am going to introduce you to the non-human character and the Indian family.


Neko is an intelligent male cat. He has the highest EQ and IQ among fellow domestic cats. Ever since Rahmah's passing, Neko has been especially close to Rahim. It is as though he can sense that Rahim needs love and guidance that Rahman rarely provides. Being a cat, he is also playful and annoys Rahim from time to time.
On a side note, Neko is my favourite character in this novelette. He makes the story move and provides an opportunity for readers to relax after tense scenes.

Neko means cat in Japanese. I got this character idea from Rurouni Kenshin movie trilogy. There's a cat scene in each of those movies, and I'd say, "The cat is so cute!". After that, serious scenes came in. Aoshi tried to kill Okina before getting to Kenshin, and Kaoru was almost killed by an impostor of Hitokiri Battousai. Then I realise that two of the cat's function is to give more impact on unexpected scenes and to provide flow to the story.
Incidentally, I got stuck between scenes and I don't know what I should put in between. Plus my story was quite dry. All thanks to God, I was inspired to put Neko in and Letters to God started to flow smoothly.


Manidhar is a serious and charming man. He has a wife, Devi, and a daughter, Aasha. Manidhar is Sarah's friend and one of her employees too. Not many can guess that he harbors evil motives.

In the Indian language, Manidhar means mythical snake with jewel in its hood. And when a man is called a snake, that usually means he's a backstabber and sneaky. Thus the name suits this character perfectly.


Devi is beautiful and naive. So in some ways, Devi matches Sarah's personality. She also pretends to be strong when she's really not.

Devi means goddess in the Sanskrit language. This meaning matches with her beauty which had attracted Manidhar to marry her in the first place.


Aasha is a smart and strong will girl. She's also not your average teenager. She finds talking about boys boring and that is not because she's a lesbian. It's simply that she's maturer than people her age.
Albeit these qualities, Aasha can be quite disrespectful to her mother.

Aasha means hope, aspiration, righteousness, and also life. Without realising this herself, Aasha gives hope to the people around her. This is also the main reason I need Aasha in Letters to God. 

Now that you've met all of my main characters, do you like any of them? Do tell me in the comment section!